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New features released today

Published on August 6th, 2013 by Soup Mail

Important:  Outlook Add-in update required

Please click the link below to download and install the latest Outlook Add-in, you will be required to restart Outlook after the install.

Download Now

Key enhancements

  • Added the ability (for team admins) to update tags on emails (use the pencil icon at the right hand side of the mail preview).
  • Favouriting a folder now immediately queues creation of the folder in your mailbox (no more waiting for the next sync for it to appear in your mailbox).
  • You can now download the Outlook Add-in directly from the login screen and getting started links.
  • The add/edit folder screen has been updated and now maintains the scroll position on the page.
  • Sync has been further optimised to better handle very large emails on mail servers with slow connections.
  • The search index has been optimised to handle on-boarding scenarios that previously required a team to be re-indexed.

Other enhancements

  • Updated edit folder screen to search on email address and user name when adding a new sharee.
  • Updated mail preview to handle emails with non-standard CSS styling.
  • Updated mail preview to show place-holders for insecure content.
  • Updated mail preview to enable clickable email addresses.
  • Updated sync to handle emails with non-standard encoding.
  • Over a dozen other platform, security and performance updates.

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