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Soup Mail update 1.7.1

Published on July 2nd, 2014 by Soup Mail

We’ve deployed release 1.7.1 today.

What’s new

  • Perma-links for individual emails: Ever found an important email in Soup Mail, and want to be able to find it again without re-doing a search? Or found an email you were looking for, and want to help another Soup Mail user in your team find the same email? Emails now have a permanent url, so you can bookmark this url, or copy-and-paste it from the address bar of your browser, for example to┬ásend it to someone else. Note of course that the person you’re sharing a url with would need to be in your team and have appropriate permissions to see the email.

    Soup Mail emails now have a permanent url

    Soup Mail emails now have a permanent url

  • Un-favouriting folders: Included in this release is a fix that addresses an issue where un-favourited sync folders weren’t being properly removed from users’ mailboxes.

The remainder of the release is server-side optimisations, and some improvements to the experience for new Soup Mail users.

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