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Soup Mail Update 1.0.0

Published on March 27th, 2013 by Soup Mail


New/enhanced user features

  • Highlighting of keywords on results is now on by default
  • Up to 15 popular tags are now shown on the dashboard
  • Ability for team admin to send password reset on behalf of user
  • Can create folders with same name so long as different reference number
  • Improved browser support for Mac users
  • Wording on folder sharing less technical
  • Optimised default Enter and Esc key behaviour on all screens
  • Mailbox sync enabled on first connect to improve onboarding experience

Bug fixes & optimisations

  • Fix to error with From: date search in refine search filter
  • Fix over zealous caching of filters menu items


  • Optimised interface for Phone and Tablets

Outlook Add-In

  • Can create new folder with all details
  • Save Mail form shows more tags

Under the hood

  • Sync performance improvements

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