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Processing delay and metro stylin’

Published on November 20th, 2013 by Soup Mail

Email processing delay

Firstly, our apologies to the users who were affected by the processing delay today.   What was scheduled to be a routine maintenance release turned out to coincide with the spawning of thousands of surplus background jobs which were holding up the email processing queue.  This resulted in it taking longer than usual for emails to be visible in Soup Mail.    Fortunately the release today has addressed those issues and normal operation has been restored and improved.


We recently updated the Soup Mail iPhone app to align the styling with iOS 7 and ever since we just haven’t been able to look back.  Therefore, with today’s release we have overhauled the styling of the Soup Mail web interface and replaced all the icons and buttons with their metro-ised equivalents.  It has been a subtle change in some respects, but sometimes those are the best kind of changes.

Under the hood

With this release we have implemented a number of new features and infrastructure upgrades to better support the needs of our large enterprise and government customers.  While not yet exposed in the interface the foundation is now in place for improved enterprise administration of Soup Mail.

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