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New features released today

Published on September 4th, 2013 by Soup Mail

Key enhancements

  • Folder owners can now edit tags on emails
  • Sync now fully supports saving meeting requests/acceptance
  • Emails reporting hidden sender are now accepted
  • Emails with attachments that have no file name now show attachment icon
  • Creating/editing folders now removes leading or trailing spaces
  • Emails that fail validation are now moved into the –Sync issues folder in your mailbox
  • Additional help provided when connecting/updating your mailbox sync settings
  • You can now use the up and down key to jump to global search results

We have done a lot of optimisations in the background of sync in this release to handle emails with ‘strange’ headers/properties and for mail servers that respond with non-standard responses. ¬†We’ve also implemented a number of security enhancements that streamline our patching processes.

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